IK Caldwell's Agronomy
Service Package


What is AGpack?

IK Caldwell has developed an Agronomy Service Package for winter crop that will allow us to continue to provide a valued and sustainable agronomy service into the future.

With AGpack we have separated the agronomy component from the price of the chemical offering full transparency between the two. This allows IK Caldwell to price an agronomy service that reflects the input required on your farm as well as competitively priced agricultural chemicals to better reflect our cost of logistics.

Within the AGpack model, service pricing is calculated individually on a standard formula that takes into account crop type (winter crop & managed pastures), area and number of paddocks - essentially AGpack acknowledges that all growers are unique and calculates a fee for each grower depending on their mix of the above criteria.

The AGpack Package

As well as having access to the same high quality agronomy service we have always offered there are many other benefits you will receive in becoming an AGpack member:

   Access to unbiased agronomic advice with written recommendations
   Access to a fully insured and united Agronomic team
   Access to a loyalty rebate on all purchases made with IK Caldwell
   Access to very competitive chemical pricing
   Access to IKC's delivery service
   Access to IKC's extensive range of support and diagnostic services
   Access to IKC newsletters and updates
   Access to IK Caldwell trial sites and field days

IK Caldwell will continue to stock and deliver all of your crop chemical and seed requirements at very competitive pricing. In addition to this, a loyalty rebate on all purchases made with IK Caldwell will be made available to all growers that are in the AGpack program.

Further Information

Please do not hesitate to contact your IK Caldwell Agronomist for more information. Alternatively contact the IK Caldwell branch nearest you.