Maximising Your Irrigation Efficiency

Soil moisture monitoring is a tool that enables the irrigation scheduler to make more informed decisions regarding a plants water requirement at any given time and works in conjunction with all irrigation systems and crop types.

Soil moisture measurements tell the irrigator how much water is in the soil, how much water the plant is using, when watering needs to occur and how much needs to be applied.  In short, capturing soil moisture data is critical in formulating an efficient and economical irrigation schedule to maximise production for the minimal water that is available.

IK Caldwell distribute, install, support and service soil moisture monitoring equipment from the follwing market leaders.

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There are many types of soil moisture monitoring systems available that are designed to meet the varying needs of soil, irrigation and crop type. IK Caldwell has access to a huge range of equipment, which gives us the ability to tailor a system to suit you. Not only do we sell it, but we back it up with on site installation and support.

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