Internet based access to climate, soil moisture & disease related data. 

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IKC's weatherPlus utilises Adcon's addVANTAGE Pro software to enable the accessing of data from any web enabled PC anywhere in the world. Pro is a powerful yet universal software package to collect, store, process and graphically display data.

IK Caldwell have a comprehensive network of weather stations in the Goulburn Valley, which are located in orchard situations. By becoming a weatherPlus user you are able to gain access to data from these stations such as rainfall, evapotranspiration, chill hours, frost alerts, selected pest degree day models and all general weather data such as rainfall, wind speed & direction, humidity, dew point and temperature.

If you have your own Adcon equipment such as weather or soil moisture equipment these devices can also become part of the IKC weatherPlus service giving you access to your data from any PC at anytime. The system also allows for the viewing of your own data as well as data from IKC's network. This allows you to expand the area from which you are collecting data without the purchase of additional equipment. For example you can view your own soil moisture data as well as evapotranspiration from IKC's closest weather station.

If you are planning to purchase Adcon soil moisture / weather monitoring equipment weatherPlus can save you money. By having your devices data coming into the weatherPlus system (subject to location) there is no need to purchase a base station / receiver. All you need to do is log in.


Benefits of weatherPlus.........

  • Access to data at anytime from any web enabled PC.
  • No need for any software installation or updates. All you need is a web browser such as Internet Explorer.
  • Receive warnings e.g. frost alerts, soil moisture alerts and more.
  • Flexible - you can choose when the system needs to send you an alert e.g. choose your own temperature threshold for frost alarm
  • Cost effective - access to data without capital expenditure.
  • Allows the simultaneous viewing of data from different sources/locations.
  • Data integrity - for users with devices in weatherPlus, your data is secured and backed up by IK Caldwell.
  • Username and password will provide access to the data according to the user's profile. You will see data relevant to you only, making it simpler to use.

For more information on the weatherPlus service please contact your nearest IK Caldwell store.


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